About Us

About Credit Union Business Services (CUBS)

CUBS was formed in 2003 as a Credit Union Service Organization (CUSO). CUBS provides commercial real estate services to borrowers on behalf of credit unions across Georgia, Tennessee, Alabama and South Carolina.

CUBS is a center of commercial real estate expertise which enables the owners of commercial real estate to tap into the relationship, capital and benefits provided by credit unions, that are not available through traditional lending sources including banks, conduits, life companies and CMBS lenders.

Our relationships with commercial borrowers and brokers are expanding each year as the value of our services becomes more widely known and appreciated. CUBS originates, underwrites, closes and services commercial mortgages. We have processed commercial real estate mortgages on behalf of more than 25 credit unions. Each year additional credit union lenders seek to put money to work through CUBS.

We know our borrowers and our borrowers appreciate knowing that we are here to serve them. If you are making an acquisition or plan to refinance, contact us about your commercial mortgage.